Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is unpredictable and unfolds rapidly. Kogniz combines the power of computer vision and AI to detect anomalies that automatically trigger downstream actions and notifications.  You can focus on getting things under control and potentially preventing a violent event from intensifying before help arrives.

Workplace Violence - Gun Detection | Kogniz


Threats Are Often Known, Avoidable and Data-driven

Kogniz Gun Detection helps put the power to reduce the risk of workplace violence before it happens and manage it when it’s unanticipated.


Gain time to react quickly or prevent violence in in the workplace


Better control who can and cannot enter buildings, parking or perimeters


Receive actionable, real-time alerts when unusual activities happen 


Leverage the camera, access control and HR systems you already use today


Thwart or Diffuse Workplace Violence

Kogniz leverages computer vision and ties the SaaS platform into the systems you already use to quickly help you manage the chaos and reduce risk to employees.

Simple and Integrated Solution with modernized safety management functionality

Real-time Alerts on Weapon that automatically kick into motion

Anomaly Detection sends alerts when unwanted guests or unusual behaviors like running through hallways occur

Video Management Systems (VMS) Integration for preventative alerts, giving you more time to react

Identity Management to understand who has access to certain workspaces

Cost Effective Solution at Scale that helps you get more out of existing investments


How Your Peers Use Kogniz

Kogniz helps manufacturing, agricultural, entertainment & hospitality, state & local government and higher education organizations to create safer, smarter spaces.


Need to give employees as much notice as possible and account for them if an active shooting occurs

Kogniz integrated with their existing cameras, access control and HR systems to detect firearms or anomalies like people running down a hallway to trigger real-time alerts to proper authorities and rapidly alert and account for employees

Custom models trigger alerts when known bad actors or disgruntled employees are on the premises or when firearms are detected


Major Clothing Brand

Identify terminated employees and known bad actors at their headquarters

Kogniz integrated with their existing cameras, access control and HR systems to detect visual anomalies, undesired guests and weapons at entryways

Prevent and reduce the impact of violence in headquarters office buildings and save $500k annual by eliminating the third shift of security guards


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Practice more frequently using gaming-style visualizations on your cameras feeds

Kogniz Camera Feed Example Incident

Visual, Behavioral and Anomaly-based Events

Security threats or unusual behavior patterns like multiple people running in hallways, multiple people entering authorization-required areas after hours or people entering parking lots on foot can automatically trigger incidents and notifications workflows based on your organization’s specific needs by location.

The Kogniz Difference

Kogniz helps you do what was previously impossible

At the intersection of AI, safer workspaces and smart integrations, Kogniz leverages AI, computer vision and integrations to help organizations increase safety without the hassle.

Forget about long, tedious implementations

Kogniz offers a powerful, simplified emergency incident management solution that is actually easy and quick to implement and requires no coding skills.

Get more from the systems you already use

 Kogniz integrates with your existing IP cameras, access control, and building management systems leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights.

Kogniz can help you take your safety & operations to the next level