Optimize Tabletop Exercises

Practice emergency response procedures with less hassle and less work with Kogniz’ modern approach to safety automation.  Enable your key players to conduct more frequent tabletop exercises that help your organization to learn and improve emergency response procedures.

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The Easiest & Smartest Way to Test Drive Emergency Response Plans

Kogniz puts your safety procedures on autopilot while you learn insights and opportunities to improve

The Old Way

On average, it takes three days to prepare for a single tabletop exercise, with larger organizations taking longer.   It takes time to reinvent the wheel to run tabletop exercises.    When it’s all done, the team relies on a few people to create reports that take days to get out to stakeholders and longer to determine where improvements are needed.   The summary slides are stored separately from incident response systems and adapting to what was learned takes even longer.

The Kogniz Way

Kogniz  helps you to get your emergency response plans into motion and to easily organize, set up, run, and report on tabletop exercises in a day, not days.   With access to comprehensive reporting results on how the tabletop went, what worked, what needs improving and who was involved.   When complete, layer in incident response workflows that represent the triggers, the resources, and the actions needed in the event of an actual incident.  

Save Time Preparing for Tabletop Exercises

Simplify time-consuming pre- and post-tabletop exercise (TTX) work with the Kogniz AssureAI platform’s configurable emergency response planning templates and purpose-built tabletop exercises that are designed to instead enable the focus to go back on running more exercises, more frequently, and learning where improvements are needed before a critical event happens.

Preparing for TTX's takes:
3 days 1 week too long!
It shouldn't be so hard, right?

Dynamic, Immediate Post-Tabletop Reporting

The Kogniz AssureAI platform ensures that your tabletop exercise (TTX) teams share critical insights immediately as your organization runs through exercises, so you can act immediately to improve and rectify issues that come up instead of waiting for a long report to be written based on transcription notes and fuzzy recollections.   

All-in-One Safety Platform

The Kogniz AssureAI platform leverages AI and computer vision to deliver the leading proactive safety platform for improving workplace safety and security. With solutions for occupational hazards, workplace violence, evacuations, personnel accountability, anomalous behavior detection, your organization can streamline safety and security in one platform that’s easy to implement and integrates with the infrastructure already in use.  

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