Prepare for Safety & Security Events Like Never Before 

Bring safety and security training to the next level, leveraging Kogniz’ metaverse simulation training capabilities.   Practice more frequently using realistic gaming-style visualizations on cameras already in place.

PPE Detection Construction Worker | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Red Team in a Box

Always on Call

Build Red Team tabletop exercises for physical security and prepare with photorealistic or planned drill scenarios to make sure that your organization is ready for what the world throws in its path– perimeter crossings, vandalism, theft, active shooters, or unattended bags


Your Red Team:
Frequent Tabletop Exercises More Scenarios Ready
with Kogniz

Training for Readiness

Next-Level Training on Autopilot

Kogniz enables you to audit and train your safety and security teams with more frequent opportunities to prepare and practice different safety and security scenarios to ensure that your organization is ready.

Can you find the pink elephant simulation in this video?  



A Unique Approach

Kogniz sees things differently, because we started the company to solve safety issues with computer vision and AI at our core.

PPE Hardhat | PPE Detection | Kogniz


Audit and test incident detection and response with AI-driven synthetic simulations

Inject anomalous behaviors or lifelike simulations into video feed to quantify and improve detection and response accuracy

Occupational Safety | Workplace Safety | Kogniz


Proactively detect incidents and unsafe conditions with Kogniz AssureAI

Fully automate over 25 standard detections with Kogniz AssureAI to supplement and enhance your existing teams

Workplace Violence weapon detection | Workplace Safety | Kogniz


Pre-configure automated response workflows

Initiate 2-way mass communications, collaborate instantly and visualize threat landscape in real time


Intelligent Detections

Kogniz AssureAI leverages inputs from both data signals and computer vision devices, tying into the systems you already use to quickly help you identify, track, and automate your safety procedures and reporting in a workplace safety platform.

Data Signals

Vaccination & Testing Management


Two-Way Mass Communication

Natural Disaster Monitoring

Contact Tracing

Employee ID

Existing Safety Systems

Access Control

Computer Vision

Opt-in Biometrics

Proximity Monitoring

Weapons Detection

Anomalous Behavior

Vehicle Intelligence


Unattended Items

Prohibited Items


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