Kogniz combines the power of computer vision and AI with hardware and integrations that work as a connected ecosystem to improve your workplace safety and efficiency.

Software as a Service

Kogniz AssureAI

The Kogniz AssureAI platform delivers AI-driven insights about safety, identity, access and health & compliance that starts at the entryway.

Seamless integrations across HR, EHS, access control, timesheet management help Human Resources, EHS and facilities teams save time and money with better information.


Kogniz AssureAI dashboard | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Kogniz EntryPoint

Kogniz EntryPoint is a smart, touchless biometric identity management app that works on a tablet and helps you quickly identify employees entering and leaving your workspaces.

Kogniz EntryPoint offers a seamless opt-in hand identification experience for employees that fits your specific entry requirements at an entrance to a building, conference room or designated area.

Kogniz EntryPoint app | Safety Platform of the Future version 2

Hardware as a Service

Kogniz Cortex

Introduces Kogniz AssureAI platform to IP cameras

  • Compatible with any IP surveillance camera, supporting up to 10 per device

  • Occupancy monitoring

  • PPE enforcement

  • Person counting at building or specific rooms and areas

  • Physical security features including person recognition, object recognition, after-hours detection, loitering



Kogniz Cortex gateway | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Kogniz Distance Camera

Social distancing monitoring and compliance with 3D optical camera

  • Augmented reality display of distances between people

  • Bird’s eye view to understand movement and placement patterns, including contact tracing

  • Real-time visual alerts when employees violate distancing rules

  • Automatic room occupancy monitoring



Kogniz Distance Camera | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Kogniz Contact Tracing Wearable and Gateway

Employee wearable and gateway for contact tracing and social distancing

  • Provides immediate employee feedback when social distancing not followed
  • Remote personnel notifications for non-compliant employees
  • Instant, accurate contact tracing reports
  • Long range, long battery life solution


Kogniz Contact Tracing Wearable & Gateway | Workplace Safety | Kogniz