Evacuations and Personnel Accountability

During an evacuation, there’s little time to think.  The focus is on getting people out of a building, but it’s also critical to ensure that everyone is safe.   Kogniz leverages computer vision, AI  and intelligent automations so you can proactively prepare for evacuations and personnel accountability on a level not previously possible.  

Evacuations and Personnel Accountability | Workplace Safety | Kogniz


Plan for Evacuations and Ensure That Everyone Is Safe

The Kogniz AssureAI platform gives you more power to prepare, notify, update, monitor and report on evacuations.


Prepare for evacuations before they happen


Automatically communicate with employees to safety


Easily see who is safe or still needs help


Gain time to react before or during evacuations


Simplified, Coordinated Response

Kogniz AssureAI helps you prepare for evacuations, account for personnel and reduce risk to employees.

Two-Way Notifications between staff and employees for personnel accountability

Account for people quickly by text, email, Slack, the app or computer vision

Automated, Trigger-based Workflows from the National Weather Service 

Insightful, Shareable Reports & Dashboards for working with response teams

Shelter-in-Place Communications that to direct people where to go

Low Cost, Easy Integration with existing cameras, HR and access control systems

Kickstart Evacuation Planning

Easily adapt and create your organization’s evacuation plans using a comprehensive template and instructions (Bonus: fire safety is included!)

The Kogniz Difference

Kogniz helps you do what was previously impossible

At the intersection of AI, safer workspaces and smart integrations, Kogniz leverages AI, computer vision and integrations to help organizations increase safety without the hassle.

Forget about long, tedious implementations

Kogniz offers a powerful, simplified emergency incident management solution that is actually easy and quick to implement and requires no coding skills.

Get more from the systems you already use

Kogniz integrates with your existing IP cameras, access control, and building management systems leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights.

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