COVID-19 Control Measures

COVID-19 and other diseases can spread quickly, causing disruption to the lives of your employees and your organization.  Kogniz AssureAI leverages the power of computer vision and AI to help organizations manage occupancy, social distancing, contact tracing, vaccine and testing management and PPE usage to mitigate risks in the workplace due to infectious disease like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Safeguards: social distancing | Workplace Safety | Kogniz


Help to Reduce the Risk of Disease Spread at Work

Kogniz AssureAI helps put the power to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases with mitigation measures that help enforce social distancing, low occupancy, required PPE, vaccines and testing.


Gain real-time feedback to people in a space so they can properly socially distance


Receive actionable, real-time alerts when areas reach an occupancy threshold


Understand when PPE isn’t being worn or isn’t being properly used


Quickly contain COVID-19 exposure risk in the workplace


Tools that Can Reduce the Risk of Spread

Kogniz AssureAI leverages computer vision and AI for an end-to-end solution for adhering to federal, state, local and your organization’s required protocols around infectious disease hazards like COVID-19.

Simple and Integrated Solution with modernized safety management functionality

PPE Monitoring to quickly alert people when PPE isn’t being used properly

Vaccination and Testing Management according to regulatory and company requirements for COVID-19 and more

Self-Attestation Surveys to reduce known infectious disease hazards

Automatic Social Distancing Control, alerting people when they’re too close

On-Demand Contact Tracing Reports and Workflows when a person tests positive in your workspace


How Your Peers Use Kogniz

Kogniz helps manufacturing, agricultural, entertainment & hospitality, state & local government and higher education organizations to create safer, smarter spaces.

Movie and TV Production

How to maintain safe production sites for employees and guests and monitor and enforce safer occupancy, social distancing and mask-wearing

Kogniz’ solutions for occupancy monitoring, contact tracing and PPE detection for masks.   Kogniz AssureAI, the SaaS platform, integrates safety data for reporting, workflows and notifications with configurable  dashboards that help you track when incidents like a positive COVID test or a vaccine record or attestation has been added.

Movie and TV production is up and running and tours have begun again.


Out-of-the-Box Vaccine Management

Discover how Kogniz helps you put the vaccine mandate and weekly testing into action.

The Definitive Guide to Contact Tracing

Learn about the four main contact tracing solutions to discover the right solution for your organization.


Kogniz AssureAI is the End-to-End Platform for Connected Safety 

See how Kogniz brings everything together for a unified, modern workplace safety.

PPE Hardhat | PPE Detection | Kogniz

Extreme Weather

Protect your organization from weather and natural disasters, then notify and account for everyone’s whereabouts

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Occupational Safety | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupational Safety

Simplify incident management from start to finish from incident to actionable response to full audit reporting

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Workplace Violence weapon detection | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Workplace Violence

Prevent and prepare with weapon and suspicious activity detection that trigger automated workflows and alerts

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Occupancy Management Parking | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupancy Management

Automatically monitor occupancy of people and things in spaces to monitor availability in a parking lot, building or area

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PPE Detection

Check for mask, hardhat, gloves or other necessary PPE for your workspaces to ensure compliance with regulations and company guidelines

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The Kogniz Difference

Kogniz helps you do what was previously impossible

At the intersection of AI, safer workspaces and smart integrations, Kogniz leverages AI, computer vision and integrations to help organizations increase safety without the hassle.

Forget about long, tedious implementations

Kogniz offers a powerful, simplified emergency incident management solution that is actually easy and quick to implement and requires no coding skills.

Get more from the systems you already use

 Kogniz integrates with your existing IP cameras, access control, and building management systems leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights.

The Platform for Connected Safety

Kogniz AssureAI

Creating Safer, Smarter Spaces

Incident Management | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Critical Incident Management, Workflows & Notifications

  • Two-way communication
  • Actionable, real-time workflows, reports and dashboards
  • Integration with HR, Badge and EHS platforms
Connected Entryway | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Connected Entryway

  • Policy-based workflows, frictionless employee check-in and check-out processes
  • Biometric recognition for access authentication with hand ID
  • Touchless, fast and accurate screening
Enhanced Video Insights | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Enhanced Video Insights

  • Increased analytics and reporting from IP cameras
  • Computer-vision AI models
  • Pre-trained and pre-built vision models or customized models
  • Connected Open API


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