Occupancy Monitoring

Seamlessly count the number of people as they enter and exit a facility, provide digital signage for staff and visitors to understand how any space is used, and provide average wait times.

Detect how many total people are in a space and receive alerts for proper employee use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Undersand Moving Patterns

Kogniz displays the usage of a space from a bird’s eye view, allowing personnel to understand movement and usage patterns and adjust seating and pathway choices accordingly.

Measure Space Occupancy

Kogniz monitors a space occupancy, notifying personnel if the camera sees high employee traffic in an area.

Kogniz OC10

Social distancing monitoring and compliance

Kogniz CT10, CG10

Employee wearable for social distancing enforcement and contact tracing

Kogniz XC10

Introduces Kogniz platform to IP cameras

Kogniz TC20

Real-time continuous body temperature detection