High-Flow Temperature Monitoring

Accurately measure body temperatures of individuals entering a building or high throughput area.

The Kogniz Difference: Accuracy

Kogniz enables autonomous, higher throughput, and more accurate temperature measurements.

Kogniz has worked for many years with top AI researchers, scientists, and developers to develop cutting-edge detection algorithms and customizable rules that create the magic of accurate, real-time temperature measurement.

Superior temperature accuracy

Kogniz supports the use of blackbody reference devices to factor in environmental temperature differences to provide more precise results. Kogniz cameras are accurate to within 0.5 degrees Celsius.

No long "fever gun" lines

The platform works autonomously to measure body temperatures of individuals entering buildings without delay or congestion.

Touchless and automatic

Kogniz is a no-contact solution. Our powerful software backend sends automated alerts if an elevated body temperature is detected, with no on-site personnel required.

Kogniz TC20

Real-time continuous body temperature detection