Incident Management

Connected safety ecosystem that harnesses the power of AI and computer vision to make your employees and buildings safer and smarter with incident management workflows to match your processes.

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Solutions for Connected Safety

Threats to employee safety are known, avoidable and data-driven

Kogniz Incident and Emergency Management solutions help you anticipate and react to emergencies and incidents in ways never before possible.

Increased Security Needs | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Increased Security Needs

  • Increase in natural disasters
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Public safety guidelines
  • Workplace flexibility
Emergency Preparedness | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Emergency Preparedness

  • Return to work protocols
  • Multi-channel communication
  • 2-way (employee/employer) communication
  • Real-time audit reporting
Innovation & Integration | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Innovation & Integration

  • Smart city/building systems
  • Enhanced surveillance system analytics
  • Integration with monitoring, HR, and access control systems

Use Cases in Emergency Incident Management

Easily create incident management workflows that make sense

We strive to build solutions that can are flexible and configurable to adapt to the processes that make sense for you and for the use cases that affect each location or building’s needs.  

We work with you to tailor workflows, triggers, actions and reporting needs for emergency incidents from fire alarms to natural disasters to security threats or even unusual behavior patterns like multiple people running in hallways or people entering authorization-required areas after hours.

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The Kogniz Difference

Kogniz helps you do what was previously impossible

At the intersection of AI, safer workspaces and smart integrations, Kogniz leverages AI, computer vision and integrations to help organizations increase safety without the hassle.

Forget about long, tedious implementations

Kogniz offers a powerful, simplified emergency incident management solution that is actually easy and quick to implement and requires no coding skills.  

Get more from the systems you already use

Kogniz integrates deeply with cameras, access control and other building systems and leverages artifical intelligence and machine learning to deliver actionable insights.

The Platform for Connected Safety

Kogniz AssureAI

Creating Safer, Smarter Spaces

Incident Management | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Incident Management

  • Two-way communication
  • Actionable, real-time workflows, reports and dashboards
  • Integration with HR, Badge and EHS platforms
Connected Entryway | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Connected Entryway

  • Policy-based workflows, frictionless employee check-in and check-out processes
  • Biometric recognition for access authentication with hand ID
  • Touchless, fast and accurate screening
Enhanced Video Insights | Kogniz AssureAI| Kogniz

Enhanced Video Insights

  • Increased analytics and reporting from IP cameras
  • Computer-vision AI models
  • Pre-trained and pre-built vision models or customized models
  • Connected Open API


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