Incident Management

Connected safety ecosystem that harnesses the power of AI and computer vision to make your employees and buildings safer and smarter with incident management workflows to match your processes.

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Solutions for Connected Safety

Threats to employee safety are known, avoidable and data-driven

Kogniz Incident and Emergency Management solutions help you anticipate and react to emergencies and incidents in ways never before possible.

Increased Security Needs | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Increased Security Needs

  • Increase in natural disasters
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Public safety guidelines
  • Workplace flexibility
Emergency Preparedness | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Emergency Preparedness

  • Return to work protocols
  • Multi-channel communication
  • 2-way (employee/employer) communication
  • Real-time audit reporting
Innovation & Integration | Emergency Incident Management | Kogniz

Innovation & Integration

  • Smart city/building systems
  • Enhanced surveillance system analytics
  • Integration with monitoring, HR, and access control systems

A Day in the Life

Connected Safety Solutions That Work for You

Kogniz collaborates with you to create the optimal connected safety solution that includes safety during emergency incidents.

Imagine What You Could Do

See what a “Day in the Life” could look like from before an employee walks into a modern workplace transformed by Kogniz AssureAI.  See how it could save you valuable seconds when a fire alarm sounds.

Use Cases in Emergency Incident Management

Easily create incident management workflows that make sense

We strive to build solutions that are flexible and configurable to adapt to the processes that make sense for you and for the use cases that affect each location or building’s needs.

PPE Hardhat | PPE Detection | Kogniz

Extreme Weather

Protect your organization from extreme weather and natural disasters by notifying and accounting for everyone’s whereabouts

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Occupational Safety | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupational Safety

Simplify incident management from start to finish from incident to actionable response to full audit reporting

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Workplace Violence weapon detection | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Workplace Violence

Prevent and prepare with weapon and suspicious activity-detection that sets off plans in motion to reduce harm.

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PPE Detection

Check for mask, hardhat, gloves or other PPE for your workspaces to ensure compliance with regulations and company guidelines

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Occupancy Management Parking | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupancy Management

Automatically monitor occupancy of people and things in spaces to monitor availability in a parking lot, building or area

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Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Infectious Disease

Manage social distancing, occupancy, PPE needs, vaccine status and incidents to reduce spread

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