Contact Tracing

Receive contact tracing reports of people in your building.

Contact Tracing is identifying people who may have come into contact with an infected person and collecting information about these contacts.

Set up your employees with Kogniz’s CT10 to generate an instant contact tracing report of people who have been in contact with an employee experiencing symptoms or diagnosed with coronavirus. Easily determine infected areas to alert employees and keep spaces in your building safe.

Instant, Accurate Reports

Instant, accurate contact tracing reports with configurable SMS and email notifications

Flexible Form Factor

Choose between two options of low-energy Bluetooth tags, either tile form factor with replaceable battery or watch form factor with rechargeable battery

Strong Power and Storage

Long-range, long battery life solution with superior storage capabilities

Robust Software

Robust backend software allowing enterprises to merge data, create automatic logs easily

Kogniz CT10, CG10

Employee wearable for social distancing enforcement and contact tracing