A Live video intelligence service

that recognizes people, objects,
and activities in real-time.


Video security and analytics today is passive and post-hoc. It analyzes video and offers insights after a problem has occurred or an opportunity has passed. The explosion of inexpensive cameras exacerbates the problem, giving rise to a torrent of video data too voluminous for human processing. Current software is based on outdated technologies and traditional on-premise server architectures that are an IT nightmare, expensive and hard to maintain.

Kogniz helps companies to recognize faces, objects, and activities in real time, so they can see opportunities as they occur and prevent problems before they occur. Kogniz is dedicated to making best in class, enterprise level video intelligence solutions available to everyone. Our cutting-edge platform delivers superior accuracy, turn key implementation and a cost that finally makes sense.

Solving critical surveillance problems for clients
across multiple industries.


Kogniz recognizes known criminals, persons of interest, and unattended objects or weapons, with real-time alerts.


Kogniz uses real-time facial recognition to confirm authorized personnel in secure areas, and integrates with common access control systems to open turnstiles and doors.

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Kogniz machine intelligence provides advanced people counting and other key information including dwell times, wait times and movement patterns to improve operational efficiency in any environment.

Identifying known criminals and detecting unattended backpacks (physical security), confirming authorized personnel in an area and automatically opening a door or turnstile (access), recognizing a dangerous object or weapon (safety) and accurately counting new and return visitors in a retail environment (advanced analytics)

Kogniz Edge A flexible server-less architecture

Kogniz Cloud

The service connects with an unlimited number of surveillance cameras across an unlimited number of locations. The system scales from a handful of camera to tens of thousands of video sources with no limits on volume, velocity, or the variety of source data. Kogniz Cloud is real time and highly accurate.

Kogniz Cortex

Cortex is a tiny appliance that connects on-premise cameras to the Kogniz Cloud. Cortex is the pre-frontal lobe that runs Kogniz's best-in-class AI and machine learning at the edge.

Kogniz App

Kognix can be accessed from any web browser of the Kognix smartphone app. allow users full access to all Kogniz features from any computer or smartphone. Receive alerts, monitor locations and safeguard your environment from anywhere.

We work with
your existing cameras

Simply install our cameras alongside your current system to add facial recognition capabilities to your set up.

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Get Started Proof of concept

We work closely with clients to power proof of concept cameras or streams to familiarize clients with our system, and help prove out our added value to your security efforts. See firsthand our minimal hardware, ability to scale on demand, and our accessible pricing before investing precious time and resources.

Grow Add Cameras as you go

With our unlimited camera stream model, you can add cameras on-demand with no restrictions on minimum or maximum number of streams. Kogniz grows with you without imposing artificial limits or burdens on infrastructure deployment.

Scale Expand to new locations

In the same way you can grow within a single location, Kogniz allows unlimited growth across locations without special servers or other network equipment or software.

Go Mobile Introduce the Kogniz Edge App

Use our optional smartphone Edge App to turn any smartphone into a remote Kogniz camera that provides all of the same capabilities as a Kogniz-powered surveillance camera—but on the go.

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It’s time to gear up with a true cutting-edge
video intelligence system

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