Complete Contact Tracing Solution

Easy to Install. No GPS Tracking. Privacy Intact.

    Stop relying on people’s memory or watching hours and days of grainy video footage — contact trace with accuracy, speed and efficiency. New variants spread quickly. You need to do everything possible to keep your doors open and keep things running.

    Two Wearable Styles

    Employee wearables available as a watch or lanyard are slim, flexible, and adaptable

    Instant Contact Logs

    Create a trace report within seconds of learning of a confirmed or probable case. You don’t need to rely on interviews — speed can save lives.

    Accurate Reports

    Confidently identify all the contacts that were close to the COVID-19 case using real data. 

    Complete, Complementary
    Workplace Safety Options

    Only Kogniz offers a complete solution for contact tracing, social distancing enforcement,
    mask compliance, vaccine management, COVID-19 case tracking and other workplace safety capabilities.

    Contact Tracing

    Instantly generates a contact trace report of people who have come into contact with a person who has tested positive

    Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

    Social Distancing Enforcement

    Provides real-time feedback to people in a space so they can properly socially distance when their device alerts them

    Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

    Mask Detection

    Identifies the proper employee use of masks using computer vision and AI and alerts you if not being used correctly

    Vaccine & Testing Management

    Track employee vaccination status, automatically send reminders for second or booster shots or testing requirements

    Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

    COVID-19 Case Tracking

    Create COVID-19 workplace hazard incident reports when a positive case occurs and quickly inform exposed employees

    Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

    Comprehensive Workplace Safety

    Uses computer vision and AI to help organizations create safer, smarter spaces with reports, dashboards, alerts and more

    You’ll Be in Good Company

    Join over 3 million employees who count on Kogniz for workplace safety from occupational health and safety, workplace violence and evacuation needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Not ready to talk just yet?  Below you’ll see the most commonly asked questions we hear about contact tracing.

    How do Kogniz Contact Tracing Wearables work?

    When two employees come within six feet of each other (or other specified distance), the tags vibrate to let each person know that they are too close to each other. At the same time a proximity event is sent to the nearest Kogniz gateway, which forwards the event to the Kogniz service. If no gateway is in the vicinity, the data is stored on the tags until the employee walks by a gateway, at which point the proximity detection events are offloaded from the tags and sent to the Kogniz service.

    How quickly can this be deployed at my facility?

    You can set up a Kogniz Contact Tracing Wearables system in minutes.

    What about privacy?

    Kogniz uses Bluetooth Low-Energy, or BLE, technology for its contact tracing wearables and does not use GPS or other location-tracking technologies.  Instead the wearables focus on proximity between the wearables over a set period of time, such as 6 minutes or more, which is what’s important for contact tracing.  Our clients can determine the identifier to use to know who to reach out to if a COVID-19 or other disease exposure or positive test occurs.   Most use an employee number or another undiscernable identifier to track how long people wearing Kogniz Contact Tracing Wearables have been within proximity over a certain time span with the infected individual.  Additionally, the devices only track your proximity while on site, so private lives remain private.   

    Set up Your Contact Tracing Onboarding Call 

    Set up a call to talk to us about how many contact tracing wearables you need, and we’ll get you up and running right away.