Kogniz Vehicle Awareness™

Activate Computer Vision & AI to Increase Safety and Improve Operations

Kogniz Vehicle Awareness™ empowers you to quickly gain control of which vehicles can enter and exit your grounds and what they can do, putting your organization in the “driver’s seat” of your security and operations.

Track and Control Which Vehicles Can Move & Where

Kogniz leverages your camera feeds and combines that with powerful computer vision, AI and OCR capabilities to help you track vehicles entering or exiting your lots or garages.

You can block entry or provide VIP access based on license plate or other identifiers to determine which vehicles should be allowed to enter, where they can go, and where they should exit.  

Prevent losses due to theft or products getting driven to the wrong destination

Improve operations and security and keep the wrong folks out of your lots and properties

Provide white-glove service by connecting Kogniz to your access control system to immediately allow VIP drivers into your lots

Reduce reputation risk for your company


Kogniz can help you take your safety & operations to the next level

“Our distribution center thefts were rising and with increased demand, a truck could sometimes take the wrong load– a big loss and a headache to deal with the aftermath.
Kogniz helps bring it all together with automatic tracking of which trucks should leave with which trailers and real-time alerts to security if there are mismatches, saving us time and preventing losses.”

– VP of Physical Security at a Major Retailer

“Kogniz helped us reduce high parking chargebacks and upset drivers, who were late for important events due to parking challenges.
Kogniz gave us the ability to fast-track vehicles with known license plates for VIP treatment or security guard follow-up.
Kogniz offered occupancy monitoring so that we better utilize our own lots and spend less annually on private lots.”

– VP of Operations at a Major Network


Take Control of Vehicles on Your Properties

Kogniz applies computer vision, artificial Intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to your camera feeds and apply our computer vision and AI models to determine occupancy of lots, communicate information to drivers, facilities, and security personnel on where vehicles should enter or exit, which might have priority service, or specific instructions for specific vehicles by license plate or Department of Transportation or other identifier.  

Vehicle Intelligence

License & DOT  Recognition

Tractor-Trailer Matching

Loss Prevention


Occupancy Monitoring

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Kogniz can help you take your safety & operations to the next level