Kogniz Gun Detection™

Prepare, Prevent, and Reduce Threats


Kogniz Gun Detection™ brings proactive, human-assisted AI to gun detection that works with your existing cameras to help you prepare and respond to mass shootings or gun violence. 


When Every Second Counts

Active shootings are unpredictable and unfold rapidly. Kogniz Gun Detection combines the power of computer vision and AI to accurately detect and automatically trigger actions and notifications.  You can focus on getting things under control and potentially preventing a violent event from intensifying before help arrives.



Ready-to-Go Gun Detection

Kogniz Gun Detection was designed for for quick rollout with the flexibility to adapt to your organization’s specific needs.

Protect employees, students, staff, and visitors by activating alerts and emergency plans at the moment a verified weapon is detected.

Nearly No False Alarms using AI and backed by a trained team of human verifiers 

Real-time Alerts on Weapons Detection that automatically kick into motion

Ready-to-Go Automations for commonly Active Shooter incident workflows

Built-in Reports for transparent access to the information you need

Two-Way Communications to provide information to those in need of help and stakeholders

Emergency Response Plan for Active Shooter situations that can be modified for your specific needs

Pre-Made Rules for Active Shooter scenarios to make it easier to roll out or adapt to your environment

Works with Other Solutions like unusual behaviors like people running in halls or entering through exits


Kogniz can help you take your safety to the next level

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