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Special Offer

< $1 per employee per month

The Complete Solution for Vaccination Status & Weekly Testing Results

(for Qualified Organizations)

Kogniz is committed to getting you up and running to manage vaccination status and weekly testing requirements.  We specialize in solving complex safety challenges in simple ways.

Kogniz Makes Vaccine & Test Tracking
Easy for HR & Employees

Managing vaccination status and weekly testing results manually is tedious, takes your time away and is subject to human error.
Let Kogniz carry the burden, so you can get back to work.


HIPAA-Privacy and Mandate-Ready


AI-Driven, Automated Vaccination Status Record Validation


Dashboard Insights
into Employee Adoption Progress


Integration with HRIS Employee Change Files You Already Use


Automated Reminders for Employee Weekly Testing


Real-Time Alerts for Non-Compliant Employees


User-Friendly App Accelerates Employee Adoption


Fast, Easy Implementation in as Little as
One Hour

Offer Details

We’d love to help you get vaccine records and weekly testing under control today.   Let’s see if we’re a fit.

What You'll Get

You’ll get vaccine, booster and testing records management, including:

  • Automated, AI-based vaccine verification
  • HIPAA-compliant, built-in privacy
  • Simple, user-friendly employee surveys and questionnaires
  • Easy-to-use employee documentation uploads
  • Quick rollout in as little as one hour
  • Real-time reporting for employers and other stakeholders
  • Easy HRIS employee change file integration
See If Your Organization Qualifies

In order for us to offer this special pricing, we need to ensure that you meet two requirements:

  1. You’re not currently using Kogniz for vaccine and weekly testing management
  2. Your organization is:
    • Private company with 500 or more employees
    • Federal agency or contractor

Let’s have a conversation to make sure that we’re a fit.

You’ll Be in Good Company

Join over 3 million employees count on Kogniz for workplace safety
from occupational health and safety, workplace violence and evacuation needs.

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See our vaccine and testing management in action, and get your organization up-and-running in one hour.