Workplace Safety & Compliance on Autopilot

Automate your safety procedures and focus on building safer, smarter workspaces. Enable your key players to mitigate safety-related risks to employees and assets with Kogniz’ modern approach to safety.

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The Easiest & Smartest Way to Improve Safety

Kogniz puts your safety procedures on autopilot while you learn insights and opportunities to improve.  Automate your safety manual to bring your safety procedures out of their binders and into action.

The Old Way

Your EHS, security, HR, legal and compliance teams work in silos, using a multitude of safety binders, disparate systems, processes to keep track of workplace safety incidents and compliance with a growing list of software vendors, assets, and people.

The Kogniz Way

Kogniz automates your safety procedures, compliance, and reporting across your organization with a simplified, easy-to-implement platform.  Digitize and automate your safety procedures to improve prevention and response and reduce risk to your employees, assets, and company reputation.

Automate Your Safety Binder

Let Kogniz help digitize your safety guidelines and set them in motion with automatic workflows, targeted and mass notifications and actions to get the right responses when incidents occur or are triggered automatically.  


Your Safety Procedures:
Automated At Scale Modernized

Simplify Employee Onboarding & Exits

Gain visibility into your workplace personnel and consultants and control over your compliance reporting. While recruitment and turnover ebbs and flows, Kogniz seamlessly automates personnel entrances and exits so your safety automations are always in sync.


Compliance at Your Fingertips

The Kogniz AssureAI platform ensures that your organization has the right information in a single platform to share internally or externally with OSHA and other key stakeholders to easily prove that the correct procedures were followed and provide on-demand reports to key stakeholders from OSHA to company leadership.

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    6 Reasons Why Safety Binder Automation is Mission-Critical

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