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Kogniz TC20

The Kogniz TC20 works directly out of the box. Once you have powered on the tablet and connected it to ethernet or WiFi, sign in tohttps://apps.kogniz.com on any web browser to begin using it. You can view and manage an unlimited number of Kogniz TC30’s from your Kogniz web portal and mobile apps.

The Kogniz Health Response Platform can work on a corporate LAN, a separate LAN, or even a cellular network.

You can set up a Kogniz TC20 in minutes. Kogniz support is available to help at any time.

Yes, you can set up an unlimited number of Kogniz TC20’s across multiple locations. All can be centrally viewed and managed via the Kogniz web portal and mobile apps.  

Only Kogniz uses AI to factor in environmental temperature differences to provide precise results. We typically see field temperature accuracy within .3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store video on-site or keep a copy in the cloud. Videos are fully encrypted, and no NVR is required.

Mask Enforcement

Yes. The Kogniz TC20, OC10, and XC10 can detect masks being worn within a facility.

Contact Tracing

When two employees come within six feet of each other, the CT10 tags vibrate to let each person know that they are too close to each other. At the same time a proximity event is sent to the nearest Kogniz CG20 (gateway), which forwards the event to the Kogniz service. If no gateway is in the vicinity, the data is stored on the tags until the employee walks by a gateway, at which point the proximity detection events are offloaded from the tags and sent to the Kogniz service.

The Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) tags are rugged and waterproof and have a replaceable battery that can be easily replaced. If a device is damaged or simply forgotten by an employee, a new tag can be quickly assigned and the previously one discarded or reused for a different employee.

The Kogniz web portal and mobile app provide a screen to quickly register CT10’s to employees. An optional Kogniz-powered RFID reader is available for pairing a tag to an employee by holding the employee badge and BLE tag near the Kogniz RFID reader.

Kogniz gateways can be connected to WiFi, wired ethernet, and LTE networks. The gateways can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, are POE-enabled, and require no setup or ongoing maintenance.


Kogniz support is available to help you with your questions at any time.


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