Our vision is to use AI

to make physical spaces smarter
and safer for companies.



The Kogniz executive team is a proven Silicon Valley team passionate about the crossroads of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Daniel Putterman - Co-CEO, Head of Business
Co-CEO, Head of Business Daniel Putterman

Serial entrepreneur focused on successful deployment and market acceptance of complex software services and hardware products

Jed Putterman - Co-CEO, Head of Technology
Co-CEO, Head of Technology Jed Putterman

Software career focused on AI and data sciences-based technology infrastructure

Chris Mack - Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Sales Chris Mack

25-year enterprise sales veteran focused on physical security and analytics

Bill Klein - VP of Engineering
VP of Engineering Bill Klein

Solutions-centric technology architect and engineering leader focused on AI

1. Mitigate the abuse of facial recognition technology for mass surveillance.

2. Keep all customer data private.

3. Ensure facial recognition technology does not violate civil liberties.

4. Prevent government use of our facial recognition technology.

5. Customers must agree to comply with our code of conduct.

6. Partnering with other groups that seek to prevent the abuse of facial recognition technology.

7. Updating our Code of Conduct to stay current with industry trends and the dynamic problems it presents.

Kogniz is reinventing video security

Today’s video security and analytics solutions aggregate streams of video from surveillance cameras and allow personnel to review live or recorded video. As the number of surveillance cameras across the globe grows to over one billion cameras, relying on humans to scan video and identify problems is unrealistic, severely limiting the utility of current products. Kogniz is reinventing video security by using next generation facial and object recognition technologies to automatically watch for problematic people and situations in real time. With AI and machine learning, our platform is able monitor existing surveillance camera streams to identify people on a blacklist, detect dangerous objects such as a weapon, and flag suspicious behaviors such as loitering. Kogniz can confirm authorized people in an area and optionally open a door or turnstile when they are recognized.

Kogniz has developed a high-tech cloud-based architecture that combines AI and proprietary data models in a breakthrough serverless edge-based architecture.

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