Our vision is to use AI to make physical spaces smarter and safer for companies

Over the next four years surveillance cameras will reach an installed base of over 1 billion. Organizations lack the budget to hire the manpower necessary to watch over their systems to detect problems and threats as they happen.

Kogniz is revolutionizing physical security by using machine learning to automate security camera monitoring and identify problems and threats in real time. For the first time, organizations of any size can have live, intelligent surveillance monitoring without additional security personnel.

The company is founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have led multiple companies to successful exits. The Kogniz team comes from backgrounds in computer vision, artificial intelligence and digital security.

Core Values


Customer data should be kept private and never shared or sold to third parties.


Keep all customer data safe and secure both in transit and at rest.


Ensure our technology does not violate civil liberties.

Do Right

Prevent non-private use of our technology and never allow its use in mass surveillance.


Only allow the use of our technology to customers who agree to comply with our code of conduct.


Partner with other groups that seek to prevent the abuse of facial recognition technology.

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