Kogniz AI Health Response Platform

Real-time fever and exposure detection and social-distancing enforcement.

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Creating safer, smarter spaces

To keep your employees, guests, and communities safe, you need the best information possible--accurate, up to date, and relevant.

Kogniz has created a health response platform that uses AI to track fevers from a distance, identify exposure risks, and enforce social distancing rules and personal protective equipment (i.e., facial mask) requirements.

Resources are precious and every hour counts; choose a smarter way to protect your employees and guests.

High-flow, real-time health monitoring

Unlike other temperature screening methods, Kogniz measures body temperature quickly while minimizing risk.

Other solutions require close physical contact, single-file lines, and long waiting times to acclimate to ambient temperatures.

Kogniz is a no-contact, real-time, multi-person detection platform that can send automatic health and safety alerts to managers and affected employees. Only Kogniz uses AI to factor in environmental differences to provide precision results with no wait times.

Kogniz Health Response Platform use cases:

High-Flow Automated Temperature Monitoring

The platform continuously measures body temperatures of groups of people entering a building.
No need for single-file lines.
Accurate results even when it’s cold or hot out, and works even with protective facial gear.

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Not all thermal scanning solutions are created equally. Why? Because skin temperature ≠ body temperature.  Most thermal scanning solutions only measure skin temperature, which fluctuates constantly and is susceptible to changing weather conditions, including sun, fog, rain, wind and snow.

In fact, if you read the tiny text for most thermal scanning systems, they require outdoor sunshades, long waiting periods when entering a building to give subjects time to adapt to ambient temperatures, and recalibration every thirty minutes.

The Kogniz Health Monitoring system solves all of those problems by applying AI algorithms to calculate baseline temperatures in real time -- no calibration, single-file lines, long waiting periods, or sumbrellas necessary.

Social-Distancing Enforcement

Sends alerts when too many people are in a space, so you can swiftly enforce social distancing protocols.

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The Kogniz Health Response Platform is infinitely adaptable with rules and a simple UI that can be customized by anyone - no technical expertise required.  Designate an area by room - or by drawing a simple perimeter - and set the maximum number of people allowed in that area.  Receive real-time alerts when occupancy exceeds that limit.

Exposure Detection

Through AI, identifies areas in a building visited by people displaying symptoms so that those areas can be sanitized - saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

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Traditional exposure tracing is a time-consuming, manual process that is prohibitively expensive for most organizations. Sanitizing large office buildings after contagious diseases like COVID-19 are detected can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

With the Kogniz Health Response Platform, simply drop in a photo and in seconds, see everywhere that person went in a building, as well as everyone he or she came into contact with over a defined time period.

Mask Detection

Identifies employees wearing proper safety gear, including masks, and sends alerts if not.

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The Kogniz Health Response Platform can detect masks, protective clothing, or even other objects like abandoned bags or guns. The Kogniz Health Response Platform uniquely identifies a person, even if they are wearing a mask, for exposure detection and social-distancing enforcement purposes.

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Meet the work day’s new normal

8:00 am

Employees enter their workplace. Kogniz Health Cams, strategically placed at all entry points, measure their temperature.
Real-time alerts are sent to company security or health personnel if anyone shows signs of fever.

12:30 pm

Using existing surveillance cameras powered by Kogniz Cortex, a manager receives an alert that employees in the packaging station are not following social distancing, and are not wearing masks. The manager is able to remind the employees of safety guidelines within minutes.

4:45 pm

An employee is tagged with fever on his way out of the office, and is later confirmed to have COVID-19. The Kogniz Health Response Platform shows managers the movements of that infected employee throughout the building, so that staff can quickly decontaminate affected areas, versus closing down the entire building.

Safe and easy to use

Visual Logbook

Kogniz creates a single, unified timeline including person photos and temperature.

Real-Time Alerts

Customizable alerts via mobile push, SMS or Slack.

Mobile & Scalable

With the optional Kogniz Cortex, consolidate streams from existing WiFi surveillance cameras into a unified view that is accessible from any mobile device or web browser.

Local and Cloud Storage

Store video onsite or keep a copy in the cloud. Videos are fully encrypted and no NVR is required.