Safety and Operational Incidents Cost
Billions of Dollars Annually

For years companies have relied on people to inspect and evaluate equipment, products, safety, and operations.    Unfortunately, the human eye and attention span have limitations that have resulted in billions of dollars in losses every year.   Now there’s a better way that can help your business to run smarter, increase profits, and enable employees with critical information to be more productive.

The Old Way: The Human Eye

Safety and operational incidents plague industrial and commercial environments, causing billions of dollars of lost profits annually.

The human eye frequently misses critical problems of loss, equipment defects or failure, and intrusion.

The Kogniz Way: AI-Driven Computer Vision

Kogniz offers a computer vision-based SaaS platform that utilizes existing on-premise IP cameras to detect and intervene with these problems in real time.

The company has over 50 enterprise customers and is based in San Francisco and Montreal.

Modernize Your Safety and Operations

 Kogniz helps you tackle tough safety and operations challenges with a powerful combination of AI-driven Computer Vision products.

Kogniz Computer Vision Hub™

Start with 25 ready-to-go detections, configurable to address the most frequently needed capabilities.

Kogniz Product Suite

Reap the greatest benefits by deploying the right mix of modules to meet your organization’s most critical challenges.

Our Technology

Kogniz technology represents the culmination of  years of development across object recognition, computer vision and artificial intelligence.  We offer cutting-edge detection and video simulation of actual events that could occur such as a trespassing, theft, vandalism, unattended bag or active shooter and feed it directly into the video feeds already in use in a corporate setting.   

Our breakthrough technology provides unmatched training and physical red team exercises to condition your company for readiness for safety and security events.

Safety & Operations. Transformed. 

Powered by AI, computer vision and safety automation technology, Kogniz helps your organization proactively tackle safety and operations challenges.


Drill, Tabletop Exercises, and Mini Exercises

Sharpen your organization’s skills with more frequent training

Practice how your organization would react to safety & security incidents.


Anomalous Behavior, Perimeter, Falls, Occupancy, and Proximity

Assist staff with intelligent alerts based on your organization’s specific safety and security needs

Leverage 24×7 attention on all monitors that never tires or gets distracted


Trigger-based Workflows and Actions

Consistently follow organizational procedures as designed and written

Easily inform the right individuals of the next steps in safety and security processes


Data Collection, Mass Communications, and Reporting

Sharpen your organization’s skills with more frequent training

Practice how your organization would react to safety & security incidents.


Integrations that Bring it All Together

Kogniz helps you get more out of technology you already use

Kogniz integrates your applications for HR, environmental health and safety, workflows, data lakes, data visualization, turnstile and door access control and other tools into a cohesive platform while maintaining privacy and security.

Kogniz can help you take your safety & operations to the next level