Rekognize patterns before they’re problems

Instantly add real-time recognition of people, faces, objects and activities to your existing surveillance cameras for unmatched security and analytics.

Real-time Recognition

Kogniz is the first turnkey service featuring advanced machine learning to automatically and accurately watch, process, and notify you of situations.

Vigilant Video

See what you’ve been missing — Kogniz is always on the lookout for people, specific objects, and even suspicious or unwanted behaviors.

Turnkey Smart Monitoring

Supercharge your existing IP video streams with active AI processing and analytics. Up and running in less than an hour. Serverless, fully-redundant and self-healing.

Instant Alerts

Easily set parameters based on watchlists (BOLO) and unusual or unwanted activity such as after-hours detection and loitering.

Visual Logbook

Kogniz creates a single, unified timeline of all important events from all of your live video feeds. Quickly view and filter for people, objects, activities and alerts from every camera across all of your locations.

Search in Seconds

Instantly search video by faces and events, eliminating time-consuming manual searches. Drop-in a photo to see when and where that person was seen. Create and share clips of important events with a single click.

Detect people in off-limits locations or unusual times
Identify individuals on a watchlist in real-time
Detect weapons and bags left unattended
Easily share video clips of incidents
Search through historical video in seconds
Uses your existing surveillance cameras
Unifies your cameras across locations
Uses real person and object detection, not motion, for the lowest number of false alerts

Plans start at $99/mo.

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Safe and easy to use

Local & Cloud Storage

Store video onsite or keep a copy in the Cloud. Videos are fully encrypted and no NVR is required.

Unified, Mobile and Scalable

Consolidate all of your camera streams from multiple locations into a unified view accessible from any device.

Low Bandwith Access

Monitor massive numbers of cameras that would otherwise be impossible to remotely access even in low bandwidth environments.

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Receive highly accurate, real-time notifications when a person is loitering, or is seen in an off-limits or off-hours location at any of your locations. Kogniz uses True Person detection, not motion, for the lowest number of false alarms.

Add people to a watchlist and be notified in real-time if they show up at any of your locations. Person recognition can be enabled or disabled for any camera and is built with an extremely high level of accuracy and privacy for use in sensitive locations.

Receive a real-time alert if a gun or unattended bag is seen at any of your locations. Out of the box detectors are also provided for vehicles (including license plate reading), and bicycles.

High performance

Kogniz was tested in extremely high-traffic environments, performing with near zero false alerts while monitoring over 175,000 people per day in a single location.