Kogniz creates safer, smarter spaces

Harnessing computer vision and AI to modernize workplace safety and increase efficiency

A unified approach to increase safety and efficiency — designed to fit your specific needs

Organizations are left in the dark ages when it comes to end-to-end workplace safety.

Kogniz is an AI SaaS platform provider that helps companies make their employees and facilities safer and more efficient.

Point solutions leave HR, facilities, and EHS leaders in dire need of new tools to protect, authenticate, and manage their employees.

Integrated, automated workplace safety can increase employee productivity and engagement while providing real-time AI insights that help control costs and reduce compliance risk.

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A Unique Approach

Kogniz sees things differently, because we started the company to solve safety issues with computer vision and AI at our core.

End-to-End Safety

We don’t just approach safety with amazing technology.  We constantly collaborate with industry leaders in employee health & safety to first understand their desired business outcomes and then build flexible solutions that can be configured to your specific safety needs.

Watch one vision of what a “Day in the Life” looks like at one company.

Enter Kogniz

 Kogniz AssureAI harnesses the power of computer vision and AI in a SaaS platform to increase workplace safety and efficiency. 

Kogniz AssureAI dashboard | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Kogniz AssureAI

The Kogniz AssureAI platform delivers AI-driven insights about safety, identity, access and compliance that starts at the entryway.

Seamless integrations across HR, EHS, access control, timesheet management help Human Resources, EHS and facilities teams save time and money with better information.


Solutions by Business Need

Kogniz helps manufacturing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, state and local government and higher education organizations to proactively prepare and respond to emergency incidents in the workplace.

PPE Hardhat | PPE Detection | Kogniz

Extreme Weather

Protect your organization from extreme weather and natural disasters  and notify and accounting for everyone’s whereabouts

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Occupational Safety | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupational Safety

Simplify incident management from start to finish from incident to actionable response to full audit reporting

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Workplace Violence weapon detection | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Workplace Violence

Prevent and prepare with weapon and suspicious activity-detection that sets off plans in motion to reduce harm.

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Pandemic Safeguards | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

COVID-19 Control

Manage vaccine and testing records, social distancing, occupancy, PPE needs and incidents to reduce spread

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PPE Detection

Check for mask, hardhat, gloves or other PPE for your workspaces to ensure compliance with regulations and company guidelines

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Occupancy Management Parking | Workplace Safety | Kogniz

Occupancy Management

Automatically monitor occupancy of people and things in spaces to monitor availability in a parking lot, building or area

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Integrations that Bring it All Together

Kogniz makes the technology you already use smarter

Using our Kogniz Open API, we integrate your applications for HR, environmental health and safety, workflows, data lakes, data visualization, turnstile and door access control and other tools into a cohesive platform while maintaining privacy and security.

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